Stefan Filarski (08-04-1967). After a career in advertising i decided to focus on my art. This first project is a good example of what i like to make.It started on a parking lot of a grocery store were i found the first crushed can, i knew right away what i needed to do with it. I took it home cleaned it and photographed it. Then imported it into photoshop were i creatively changed it into a pop-art like unique image. The next step was getting it on a museum quality canvas with a giclée printing method. Then i worked on it with acrylic paint, ecoline and ink to give it it’s special strong character.

Now there is a series of 12 different crushed cans. The pop-art like style with powerful bright colors and the clear shapes are specific for my art. My work does not blend in the background but claims it’s place. It gives a Wauw! feeling and keeps you interested.