Kate van Houten & Joanna Wich-Dziki

We are Kate van Houten & Joanna Wich-Dziki, both born in Poland in 1973 and best friends since the first day of the Art Lyceum A. Kenar in Zakopane. After completing education (including Pedagogical Academy in Cracow at the Faculty of Fine Arts), we both worked in sectors that have to do with art and we were always busy with painting and drawing. Fate spread us later throughout Europe, but in the end we both live in the Netherlands. We decided to make our long-cherished dream to come true here and start a joint studio “Lucrecia”. Our passion is creating modern 3-D and other paintings that have warm and joyful atmosphere. We are inspired by the beauty of nature, the interesting features of clay and porcelain, transparency and purity of glass. We combine all these elements with using a variety of techniques.