It took a long time before I realised that being able to express your creativity is vital for experiencing a meaningfull life. Born in the Northern part of the Netherlands, the countryside was not a place where creative self-expression was stimulated. Being creatively blocked and experiencing little meaning in life, I used drugs as a way to create an identity and escape my situation. It took me until my 28th before I had the courage to create the life that I wanted. Harry van Gestel played a big role in it, seeing my artistic side before I realised I had one. Harry is a major Dutch artist – his work found a home in more then 70 country’s – and at some point, Harry gave me a brush and told me: you are an artist, this is a studio, go and paint. Although I thought I had no idea what I had to do since I have no training in Arts whatsoever, I intuitively felt what I had to do: go deep and express my energy. I sold my first painting after 3 days and I made the decision to never return to any office again.

The process of creation itself cleares up my subconsciousness and helps me to manage my rich inner life – this is also the place where my inspiration comes from. My paintings are very personal and show ‘images of that which we cannot reach with thinking’ – a layer deep beneath our ordinary way of perceiving this reality. I think that rationality is overvalued, and that there is so much more in this universe then that which we think we can see. If we have the courage to open up to it, we can feel it: life – pure creativity. George and Nadine share a studio since five months.