Tim van Vliet

From the hand of the Artist: Tim van Vliet

Coming from a family of painters and photographers, I started drawing at a young age. Later on I studied graphic design for a couple of years in Amsterdam. This made me realize that what I really wanted could not be achieved by sitting behind a computer all day long. One day I bought a camera and I started experimenting with it. First I would take normal snapshots but later I really became interested in other techniques such as the high speed and flash photography. But it was not until I saw an exhibition by the Pipslab of light-painting that I started to try it and I just felt in love with the technique. That is history now, and ever since I have been creating my own techniques and participating in many events in the Netherlands and also abroad; loving it every day more! My style has evolved from experimenting with simple tools such as a flash and bicycle-lights to a delicate dance, where I move around the models. I draft large drawings as well as small details in the background, first by delineating each and every one of the models, emphasizing their bodies and features. This is followed by the creation of the context sketching a scenario behind and around them. All productions are the direct result of my illustration and the movement of the camera. I do not use Photoshop or any kind of retouching of the photographs.